Friday, 9 January 2015

One Year of Eyemoustaches

Today is the one year anniversary of Eyemoustaches, and I'm still undecided as to whether I should capitalise the "m".
What a year it's been for games! Big games were released, there were some duds as well as some surprising hits and many people who play games had to ask themselves whether the "gamer" identity was one they wanted to associate themselves with. Also, Kevin Spacey was in Call of Duty. What's that about? He has an Oscar! It's almost as if this is becoming a respected artistic medium1. For our part, we here at Eyemoustaches covered none of that. Instead, we focused on the games that mattered, two or three years ago. Games like Super Mario 3D Land which would have faded into obscurity had Eyemoustaches not bravely championed it.
But that's not the only fond memory of the year. There's been laugh(s), failed attempt at insights, Miister X's Adventures in Redacted finally... stopped, inconsistent reviewing styles and an overabundance of self indulgent, narcissistic self criticism in place of anything that would mean anything to the reader.
And in return we've received so much recognition! Watchmen with Space Animals has an 81 upvote percentage on reddit and was read viewed a staggering 1155 times! And I suspect that only a third of those were me getting the url so I could post links to it. My only concern is that having achieved such success so early on, that the rest of my content, no matter how undoubtedly fantastic it is, will never live up it, in a similar way to how Orson Welles never quite escaped the shadow cast by Citizen Kane2. Also, I've been eating a lot over Christmas, so the Orson Wellles comparison is even more relevant. In other news, a whole five of my tweets received some kind of recognition. Five! That's mental, my granny (who is naturally on the ball with social media) tells me that usually takes five years. I even got a response from such big wheels at the internet factory as the avast lady, although I can't seem to find it, so it may have been a dream.
Who knows what else the coming year will bring? Maybe Matthew McConaughey's people will get back to me about my Matthew McConaughPlays Let's Play series. Maybe I'll review a game that people don't already know is good, the sky's the limit.

Happy New Year
The other one


1: Feels somehow wrong to say that whilst still talking about Call of Duty
2: Technically the Eyemoustaches Citizen Kane is 3 Games That Deserve Sequels but that ruins the analogy.

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