Wednesday, 24 August 2016

What I've Been Playing ~ An SEO Optimised Wonderpost

*dusts off the special Blogger keyboard*
*coughing fit*
Hello friends!
Perhaps you've already seen the link I posted on other reputable, popular and high-traffic web sites to my latest post, an SEO optimised look at the games that I've been playing lately. In case you didn't here it is, this is the link.
Got that? Good.
In the post (whose subtitle is "Seven Games That I Have Played Lately") I discuss seven games that I've played in a search engine friendly way. The list includes Telltale's new series Batman, their old series Tales From The Borderlands, From Software's Bloodborne and Undertale. There are other games in there too, but I suspect that the audience for those games is smaller so it's not worth pitching those to the general audience.
Anyway, here's the link, thanks for you time.
And your clicks.
Click the fucking link you pr*transmission ends*

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