Saturday, 1 February 2014

Super Mario 3D Land Review

Hey Blogger.
Listen you're great and all, but, God this is difficult, I'm not ready to settle down just yet. I still want to play the field, you know. See what's out there. For all I know posts on other blogs might be able to get hits without posting links on reddit. I'm not sure how that fits my dating analogy. The point is, remember that time I posted on Wordpress? That wasn't just a one time thing (although with Wordpress it might be, my post obviously didn't matter to Wordpress,stupid Wordpress thinking it's too good for me), no please don't cry! It's just I'm young, not ready to be tied down. I know your seeing loads of other people, and I mean, some of those guys? What do you see in them? Do you just have a thing for the really religious people? The point is, I've posted the Super Mario 3D Land review on tumblr. It's happened, you have to accept this.

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