Thursday, 13 August 2015

Little King's Story ~ Memory Review

After a number of delays the latest Memory Review (which I deeply regret not calling "From Memory" but here we are) is up on Wordpress. It's a review of the lovely Little King's Story for the Wii and there's some thoughts on Psychonauts and an amateurish attempt at a discussion of how one should review a game (what an endorsement eh? Believe it or not this review was delayed because I was working in sales for a while).
Since it's been a while, the running gimmick (or one of them at least) of quotes from Miister X about the games may have been forgotten (oh the irony). So here's a refresher on the statements that an intern assures me he "got when [he] contacted Miister X about the games".
Paper Mario Sticker Star: "As my client, Miister X made clear when he signed our deal with you, you may use his likeness for a fee, but he wants "nothing to do with your damn blog". He went on to say that he doesn't know what a sticker star is but that if you attempt to obtain another free opinion from him he will "shove a packet of match attack stickers so far down your throat that your intestines will look like a Man U fan's bedroom wall" Please don't call this number again unless you are in a position to make a cash offer. [Dictated but not read]"
Pilotwings Resort: "I believe I made it clear in my last message not to call this agency again unless you're interested in entering into another financial arrangement with Miister X or one of my other clients. You're phone number will now been blocked. Uh. Johnathon, how do hang up, wait no I have"

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