Monday, 10 August 2015

Psychonauts Hoedown

Only the finest PowerPoint enabled graphics for you Sporadic Reader

I posted the lyrics to a "Whose Line Is It Anyway" style hoedown over on Wordpress because why the hell not? While those guys come up with them on the spot, mine took all day and even I'm not sure how some of it is supposed to go. On a serious note I think it turned out OK and might post more of this kind of nonsense in the future, I've already got the beginnings of ode to Gunpoint à la Tom Jones rattling around in my head. I put it on Wordpress because lately I've been thinking that maybe it's a better fit for what I post which could hardly be called a blog. What does this mean for the Psychonauts review? Hard to say. Through the medium of song I conveyed most of the key points I would have made and it's a well covered game to begin with so unless I find myself with a lot of time to spare I don't really see the value in a full review.

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  1. Here's the Gunpoint thing I mentioned. It took a lot less time than I though because despite being excellent, "It's Not Unusual" is actually quite short